The Gymnastics Way

Hi there, my name is Christine Ooi, pleased to meet you! I coach competitive gymnastics in Singapore. 

This blog is about training resilient, confident and happy gymnasts. It is about transforming dreamers into doers, the Gymnastics Way.

dreamers into doers
“We don’t rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.” ―Archilochos

Why is this important? Because there is a real lack of resilience in the world today. More and more, people have it backwards. They’re only prepared to work hard if guaranteed results. They avoid failure and uncertainty, then wonder why they are never successful. They want the view from the top, without the arduous climb.

But hard work must come before any hope of reward. You only get good if you are prepared to fall, and you only persevere if you have fun through it all. 

Gymnastics is a great way to develop habits of resilience, confidence, and finding joy in the uphill climb, because it’s both HARD and FUN. (Who doesn’t want to somersault into a giant bed of sponge?)

Front Tuck Salto

To learn hard skills in gymnastics, one must fall. A LOT. Most people instinctively fear falling, and this fear prevents them from playing full out. So I teach my gymnasts to enjoy falling. And fall they do, on butts, backs and faces (parents, don’t worry, that’s what soft mats are for 😊). They fall in practice, and sometimes in competition. With each fall, I watch them brush it off quicker, get back up stronger, and do better on the next attempt.

You see, my young gymnasts are learning a truth which many grown adults struggle to understand – You have to fall before you can soar.

This blog is for parents, coaches and gymnasts who understand that great gymnastics is about more than technical skills. It is about facing our most primal fear: falling. And practicing getting up, again and again. It is about conquering fear of failure, and rising strong. This is the Gymnastics Way. 

You don’t have to be the best to be resilient, but you have to be resilient to be the best.

In Gymnastics –as in Life– resilience, confidence and happiness are the precursors to success, not the results of success.   

happy gymnasts
BRING IT ON! The road is bumpy but the ride is fun!

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