5 Very Singaporean Reasons For Parents To Choose Gymnastics

Handstand fun!

So, Parents, you want to sign your child up for a sport, so they can 1) burn off all that excess energy in a safe space, 2) learn life skills like grit, confidence and communication in a fun environment, and most of all, 3) give you some child-free alone time.

Good call. But which sport should you choose?

Make no mistake, the choice is as important for you as for your child. You will spend a considerable amount of time ferrying them to and from practice, attending competitions, and feigning expressing interest when they tell you long stories about practice. 

So why not choose a sport that’s as fun for you as for them?

Here are 5 Very Singaporean Reasons for parents to choose gymnastics:

1. Efficiency 

Unlike other sports, where there are several matches in a competition, your child’s gymnastics competition will be done and dusted in one day (maximum three days, for advanced levels). How’s that for efficiency?

Competition Day
First and final day of competition – Singapore Open 2017

2. Indoor + Air-con

In sunny Singapore, the weather is always hot.

Gymnastics is an indoor sport, so you won’t  have to sit in sweltering heat while you support your child at competitions or wait for them at practice.

Instead, you get to cool off and surf the web on your phone (no screen glare!) while you wait. Plus, most competitions are held at Bishan Sports Hall, which is air-conditioned. Don’t need to bring portable fan!

3. Insta-worthy Photos 

As parents, you make many sacrifices for your kids and you deserve to brag once in a while. Anyone can post food or travel photos, but how many parents can post this?

Handstand fun!
My Level 2 students having themselves some Handstand Fun! (Image Credit: Joan Lee)

4. No More Playground  Time Needed = More Time For Yourself 

Let’s be honest here. The main reason kids love gymnastics is not the chance to learn resilience or get fit. 

The main reason is that the gym is a giant playground. Foam boxes to climb over, bars to swing on, sponge pit to play in — even adults get excited.

The gym is more fun than normal playgrounds, so you’ll never have to take your kids to the playground again. Who wants a sand pit when you can have a sponge pit?

5. Excuse To Shop For Pretty Clothes 

Singaporeans love to shop for clothes. Now that your child is a gymnast, you have a whole new category of pretty clothes to shop for.

Leotards are shiny, colourful and sprinkled with sparkles, and most come with matching hair ties and tights. Since your child needs them for training, you can scratch your shopping itch guilt-free. Indulge away!

The Irresistible Conclusion

Gymnastics provides so many perks for parents,  why would you choose any other sport? Plus it’s a great way for your kids to keep fit, learn mental toughness, and have fun, all at the same time! 


P.S. On a more serious note, here’s how to help young children excel under pressure


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